This project was to create a product, brand identity, and marketing campaign for Allure Chocolate.
The concept for the packaging was inspired by Steveston Village, a small fishing community in Rich­mond, BC. The town swells in size over the summer months due to tourism. Tourists and locals alike will appreciate a quality product that reflects the community's heritage.
Logo design in colour, black and white, & negative, and with tag line.
Three varieties – milk, white, and dark chocolate.
Chocolate chips – packed in a zip top pouch for convenient on the go consumption, or convenient storage for bakers.
Sample business card for Allure’s chocolatier.
Print advertisement for Allure’s new retail store.
Advertisement adapted for Instagram.
Allure’s hot chocolate mugs.
Software Used:
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Constraints & Challenges:
2 week timeline, time management

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