The Happy Show was held at the Museum of Vancouver from April - September 2015. The show was the culmination of graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister’s attempts to chronicle his own happiness and find greater meaning in life. The resulting exhibit blurred boundaries between art and design, and featured infographics, video projects, and installations exploring the designer’s maxims for happiness and what makes people happy.
I created a direct mail piece inspired by the content, visuals and distinct typographic style of the exhibit. The objective of the piece was to encourage Gen-Xers in Metro Vancouver to attend the show.
Research highlights. Images from the Happy Show, and existing promotional materials.
The direct mail piece includes an insert prompting prospective attendees to draw their symbol of happiness, and bring their drawing to the exhibit in exchange for discounted admission.
Mind mapping.
Ideation and concept development.
Prototyping and revisions based on feedback.
Software used: 
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Constraints & Challenges:
Applying an existing style to a new direct mail piece, working within a limited budget, prototyping

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