Inspired by a slinky used as a fidget tool by children with learning differences (our co-creators) and informed through participatory design research and material exploration, the Skoodaleepoop was born!
The Skoodaleepoop is a communication system that teaches math while providing a kinesthetic outlet for children with learning differences such as dyslexia.
A mathematical system allows a user to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For example, working clockwise, a user simply selects two numbers to add. They may then select the larger of the two numbers, and flip the shape. The answer is listed on the opposite point and is colour-coded so as to be the same as the smaller of the two numbers.

A font designed for dyslexia was used to assist in character recognition. The final prototype of the Skoodaleepoop considers sustainability, and relies on a structure created by laminating a layer of hemp hop sack, a layer of buckram (a cotton stiffened with an adhesive), and a layer of reclaimed fabric. 
Studio Photos:
Bob Ross
Project Partners: 
Lisa Boulton and Bob Ross
Grade four students at Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School ​​​​​​​
Skills used:
Textile design, Patterning, Typography, Co-creation, Sustainable design, Material exploration
Constraints & Challenges:
Co-creating with children with learning differences, Challenges associated with various production techniques (textiles, laser cutting, etc.), Teamwork, Material selection and production techniques affected by decision to create a more sustainable design, etc.

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